How it Works

TM Thrive Learning Approach

TM Thrive incorporates two evidence-based learning models into the program to give participants a complete learning experience.

70-20-10 Model for Learning & Development

TM Thrive applies the conceptual premise that for learning to be ingrained into daily behaviours it must include knowledge from job-related experiences, interactions with others and educational events. This defines the TM Thrive approach to embedding learnings.

By combining the power of place-based training with a socially supported digital learning platform, leaders and their direct reports are providing an engaging and practical way to increase the psychological safety and wellbeing in their workplace.

Self Regulated Learning

Each training module is structured to engage the participant in taking meaningful action and the motivation to learn. The program uses a leadership forum to allow for safe knowledge sharing, reflection and adaption of practices to successfully progress through the program and build capability as a leader.

Workplace Psychological Safety Leadership

Training for Leaders

Workplace Psychological Safety Leadership is a socially supported training program for leaders to develop the confidence and capability to lead psychologically safe teams.

Participants will complete a series of engaging and practical learning modules addressing the key psychosocial risk factors. These factors have been identified through the Workplace Psychological Safety Index (WPSI) survey.

On completion leaders receive the training certificate to recognise their commitment to psychological safety in the workplace.

Applied Mental Health Advocacy

Training for Staff

All staff enrolled in TM Thrive complete the Foundations of Workplace Psychological Safety. This training will help the staff develop their understanding of mental health in the workplace and practice strategies that build personal resilience.

Participating staff will work through a series of training modules that incorporate the applied learning style to ingrain the learnings in everyday practice. This is approximately a four-week program that requires about one hour of time each week, plus the activities they ingrain into daily life.

On completion of the training modules staff will receive a certificate recognising them as an Applied Mental Health Advocates. When all team members complete the training and their leader completes the leadership program they are recognised as a Mentally Healthy Team.

Types of Activities

The training modules for leaders and staff are designed with several different activity types based upon the desired learning outcomes.

  • Learning Activities

    Each training module will include content to be understood before progressing to the applied activities to ensure the knowledge base is established.
    This content is housed in the library

  • Applied Activities

    These are completed at an individual level, as part of your peer group or implemented into the work team.

  • Engagement

    Leaders will be required to engage in constructive and courteous conversation on topics related to the current training module.
    This will is located in the Leadership Network > Training Cohort section

  • Assessment

    Each training module will conclude with a short assessment in quiz format to confirm all the key learning objectives were met.

Tools for Daily Effectiveness

1:1 Meetings.

Say goodbye to wasted or ineffective meetings and keep track of all the action items discussed. Pre-loaded with templates to guide effective conversations on important topics that foster a safe environment grounded in clear communication and genuine connectivity.

Top Priorities.

The digital to-do list is a simple and effective tool to prioritise each day’s tasks and focus time and energy on high value activities. Designed to contribute to establish a greater sense of control, increase productivity and reduce potential feelings of stress and anxiety.


Access a library of mindfulness practices, complete the daily gratitude journal our provide a colleague with recognition for a job well done. Each of these practices enhance personal wellbeing.

Administration Portal

All participating organisations are provided with a unique administration portal to stay informed with key engagement and training metrics and manage the entire process.

The portal is customised to the organisation’s structure, includes a recognition system and the EAP provider is embedded to support early help-seeking behaviour.

Secure administration portal to manage all elements of the program

Custom organisation setup with three tiers of organisation structure.

Easily create and edit cohorts to undertake the training at a time that works

Real-time usage, engagement & training completion data. All extractable

Support from Start to Finish

When your unique portal is set up, we look after all the support requirements for a seamless customer experience.

This includes:

Dedicated program manager for all requirements

Development of a communication strategy

Engaging and bespoke marketing materials for participant recruitments

Organisation dashboard with key metrics

Direct support for all participants inside the program

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